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Long Nose Bamboo Shoot Magazine
—Witches Feast 3 Exhibition

This series is a 20-page zine called Long Nose Bamboo Shoot Magazine that aims to reflect on the danger of clickbait and fake news on social media. Together with two other artists, we imagine that this magazine is in the microscopic plant world, and it only fabricates stories and defames celebrities for headlines and subscriptions. In the magazine, we created news with "plants celebrities" based on real-world news. The stories are humorous and fun to read, but we also use them to remind the readers of the danger of single stories on social media or websites.

We added interaction to the content to make the zine more like a vintage gossip magazine. For example, there are coupon cards, horoscopes, and job advertisements on the last page. Many of these advertisements are scams, as usually happens in real-world magazines as well. In addition, we included some lawyer's letters in the package that reveal the fabricating nature of the magazine, as well as reminding readers to be discerning of unscrupulous contents.

The Paparazzi Three Musketeers, 2021
Size: 15.7x23.6 in
Medium: Digital

Magazine Inside
Size: 7x9.7in
Medium: Digital
(20 Pages in Total)

© Zhiwen(Esther) Tang