Zhiwen (Esther) Tang is an illustrator and designer based in New York City . Through out these years, she has honed her skills in creating narrative and informative illustrations across various domains, including editorial work, design projects , and pattern creation. Central to her work is the aim to provide an engaging visual experience that resonates with the audience. She particularly enjoys incorporating the texture nuances of watercolor and ink drawings into the digital medium. She is passionate about infusing her illustrations with the power to connect and communicate effectively.

Contact Info
Email: ztang719@gmail.com
Instagram: @esthertang0719
Behance: @EstherTang

School of Visual Arts, 2022
BFA in illustration

Honors & Award
Communication Art 65th  Annual, 2024
China Illustration Biennale, 2024
IJungle Ilustration Award 2023, 2024
Directory 2024 of International Contemporary Artist, Al-tiba9, 2024
“2023 TOP 20 LEADING AGENCIES OF THE YEAR” by Muse Awards,
3x3 Illustration Show No. 20, 2023
World Illustration Awards, 2023
American Illustration 42, 2023
Muse Award, 2023
Communication Arts 64, 2023
Creative Quarterly 71, 2023
The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles 61 Annual, 2023
Creative Quarterly 70, 2022
The Third Brightness Illustration Awards , First Place, 2022
World Illustration Award, Shortlist, 2022
3x3 Illustration Award 19, 2022
ADC 101th Annual Award, Merit Cube, 2022
Young Ones ADC Award, Sliver Cube, 2022
American Illustrator 41, 2022
Communication Arts 63rd Annual, 2022
Society of Illustrators 64th Annual, 2021

Be Yourself - Be Contemporary, Apuliaaste Gallery, Turi Italy, 2024
4C Gallery 2024 C1, San Gabriel, United States, 2024
“Glazing Into Ifinity”, WOWXWOW, Online, 2024
London Contemporary Art Fair, London, United Kingdom, 2023
P.S. 8th Annual Postcard Show, Portland, United States, 2023
Venice International Art Fair 17th Edition, Venice, Italy, 2023
Witches Feast 4 Exhibition, Shenzhen, China, 2023
Yi Jie Illustration Exhibition, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China, 2023
Visual Art Exhibition of Asian Artists in America, New York , United States, 2022
Society of Illustrator 64 Annual Show, New York, United States, 2022
Witches Feast 3 Exhibition, 2021
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