Girl and the Sheep
Medium: Charcoal Pencil, Toner, Paperboard
Size: 10x10in 

Cover: Girl and the Sheep
In times of famine, my father, my younger sister and I were the only three survived family members, and there were no grains at all. 
One day, my father brought my sister together to the market. 
When my father came back, he told me that he bought some pancakes and mutton with the money we got for having sold my sister and these could make us survive till the end of winter.
We had a full up dinner since the famine but without my sister. My father and I were both silent.
Later, my father used the money left in fish-farming, and we went through the tough famine times.
Many years later, my father sent me to a place without any sheep. I had never seen any sheep since that time we ate mutton.
But when my father passed away, I went back home for the funeral and saw a strange animal which was called sheep!
I thought to myself that it was not possible to be sheep because it two fingers for every foot while sheep should have five.
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